The train trips which are exceptionally organised by the No Limits tour operators located in South Africa are no ordinary train trips but are train trips of pure luxury. The train trips which are arranged by these travel agents take place not only on luxury trains, but on the most luxurious trains which exist in South Africa. Train trips can form part of a travel package as a whole or a train trip could be the travel package in its entirety. Whatever a tourist chooses with regards to the train trip, going on a train trip is a must for any tourist of South Africa.

Train trips are inclusive of luxury travel accommodation on the train itself. A train trip is the ideal manner in which to carry out a sightseeing tour of South Africa as the landscapes are vast and beautiful and can not be experienced as well as when going on a train trip in South Africa. Train trips are the best way to travel the whole of South Africa with the train trip beginning at one end of the country and ends with the completion of the train trips at the other end.

Train trips are relaxing and luxurios experiences for those tourists who wish to get away from it all, yet stay in absolute luxury while travelling and sightseeing South Africa via a train trip. The accommodation on these luxury trains is luxury travel accommodation and the cuisine which is served on the train trips is of internationally acclaimed standards.